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Let’s take a look at the old saying…’Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

No group represents this motto more clearly than Harvests of Hope. This organization’s main goal is to bring help and hope to those affected by HIV/AIDS. They are committed to help individuals become self-reliant through a sustainable project, believing that positive participation leads to positive development.

One of Harvests of Hope’s main focuses are shade gardens. These gardens are unique, cost-effective greenhouses utilizing a hydroponic growing system that results in a high-yield crop requiring little water. Spinach is the primary vegetable grown due to its high protein content, making it a miraculous meat substitute for those infected by AIDS.

Red Moon’s Creative Team has been a longtime friend and supporter of Harvests of Hope. Tiffany and Greg, two of the Moon’s bright stars worked with the organization to develop a new logo, brochure and website.

“Working with a group like Harvests of Hope is such a rewarding experience. Their team is so passionate about the organization and the recipients they help, it makes you become involved too. Now I understand what something as small as a garden can do for a family,” Tiffany Moeller, Red Moon’s graphic designer said.

In honor of the work Red Moon has done and their 10-year anniversary, Harvests of Hope graciously dedicated one of their shade gardens in the company name. “Seeing that picture of the children by the garden dedicated for us brought a big smile to my face. There is a little piece of our Red Moon in Africa,” Moeller said.

To learn more about shade gardens and Harvest of Hopes, visit their website,