Red Moon Marketing


The "Zero Calorie Crew" of Mason McVerry, Jonathan Sanchez and Mike Martin have visited over 15 schools in three separate South East regions already, and will continue to visit more exciting schools in the weeks to come.
The 2012 program is designed to repeat the past 2 year's Zero brand sampling activations.  However, this years High School Sampling tour has added a new element called the 'My Coke Rewards for Schools Cap Collection Competition'.  This contest allows schools to earn My Coke Rewards points towards rewards for much needed items like sports equipment, art supplies and educational resources.  My Coke Rewards for Schools is an easy way for parents, friends and others in the community to support local schools by donating My Coke Reward Points.

"This new contest is a great way for us to interact with students, faculty and parents to tell them about the wonderful rewards Coca-Cola can bring to not only their diet and health, but to their school as well," says moonie Mason McVerry.  "We are spending hours at each school talking to folks who are excited about this My Coke Rewards contest and I know only one can win, but each school is gaining great experiences and reward points through this contest regardless."

This High School Sampling tour will visit more than fifty schools throughout the South East until its culmination on November 16th.  The road trip is almost half-way complete and before the Zero Calorie Crew reach their destination, they will continue to see new sights, meet wonderful people and give out thousands of free Coca-Cola Zeros along the way.