Red Moon Marketing


Two of our Coca-Cola team members dove into the fire during the UNC/NC State basketball game on Chapel Hill’s campus to give away four tickets to one of the biggest games of their season. The basketball game was being held at NC State but that didn’t stop the UNC fans or Red Moon to make the most of the game. Red Moon’s, Fitz Bailey and Kathleen Smith attended the viewing party on campus to entertain students during half time and before tip off. The team sampled cold Coca-Cola beverages and distributed thousands of bags.

During half time Smith used her Emcee skills to get the crowd going with a t-shirt toss to students.

“It wasn’t an easy task since they were losing by half time. Lucky for me, I had a few students to help throw shirts out to the crowd and get people on their feet,” Smith said.

In four of the 20 shirts given away there was a white slip of paper letting the student know they had won a ticket to the UNC/Duke game on their campus in March.

“The students went crazy once they found out what was on the line and what they had the chance to win. “ Plus, the students who did win are now entered into a halftime contest with the chance to win a BIG prize from Coca-Cola,” Smith said.

Red Moon was thrilled to activate the event and spend the evening with dedicated basketball fans.

“I didn’t go to a school with a big basketball team so seeing how hard core UNC students were about their team was awesome. Students were all smiles to have Coca-Cola be there and the free drinks made their evening, “ Smith said.