Red Moon Marketing


A few of our special Red Moon team members spent their afternoon on a normal Wednesday exactly the way they had hoped, having fun with a group of energetic kids and promoting a great brand combined with a worthy organization.

Red Moon had the pleasure of teaming up with Harris YMCA and Samaritan’s Feet to host an event for children filled with yummy food, ice cream, Coca-Cola and a pair of new shoes. Samaritan’s Feet worldwide headquarters is based in our home town of Charlotte, NC giving local businesses and organizations the opportunity to work directly with the program.  The non-profit provides new shoes and a message of a hope for impoverished children and adults all over the world. The event was based around YMCA’S program, Y Readers, providing help and fun to children reading below their grade level. Red Moon was happy to jump aboard and help with the event by bringing the Coca-Cola Discovery Vehicle providing kids with games and free Coca Cola Zero beverages.

“The kids had such a great time, it was so obvious in their smiles and great attitudes,” Kathleen Smith said.

Seth Wyatt, a Red Moon team member spent the entire day behind a camera, making sure to catch everything on video. Wyatt’s video will be used by the YMCA to show their partnership with Samaritan’s Feet.

“Having the opportunity to record the event gave me the chance to talk to a lot of people that were involved with Samaritan’s Feet and Y Readers.  It seemed like all the volunteers were there for a good reason and wanted to help in any way possible. The whole day was amazing and really makes you think about how important a pair of shoes can be, “Wyatt said.

Red Moon sends a big thank you to everyone involved and Coca-Cola!