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Creating an unforgettable experience that will forever associate a customer with a positive memory. At Red Moon, we have a passion for activating events. Each year we help our partners activate more than a thousand events each year.

Leveraging assets and creating new opportunities to make our client’s brand shine through the clutter. Red Moon has elevated sponsorship for a number of companies. Our goal is to create a winning relationship for both our brands and their endorsers.

Telling a brand's story through visuals can be impactful and may be the first and only impression offered. Red Moon is ready to help you break through the noise and get your message in front of customers.

Boosting your client's brand awareness through synergetic publications in a digital age can reach a larger audience. Red Moon has a wealth of interactive media experience. From media buying to online positioning, we know what it takes to increase your ROI and get your brand found online.  

Elevating your brand to a higher level in the minds of consumers and customers is our version of brand promotion. Red Moon successfully promotes brands with sweepstakes, contests and giveaway programs for some of the largest brands in the world. Our team is here to help your team with promotional programs of all shapes and sizes.

At Red Moon Marketing, we believe that research is the cornerstone of intelligent marketing. We conduct research that delivers actionable insights. We start with objectives and build a custom process that reveals solutions to your ROI goals.