18 years of Red Moon

The professionals at Red Moon are its heart and soul. All unique in their own way, each person shares a strong passion for client service and the goal of being better tomorrow than they are today.



Red Moon was founded in 2002 on the principle of providing great client service and building lasting relationships. These principles are still in place today having led and continue to lead the growth of Red Moon and its clients.



To provide effective, innovative, and efficient marketing solutions with the highest priority on quality, client services, and return on investment.





Employee Cross-Training
Each Red Moon employee is educated on every brand in the company's portfolio. This allows for maximum flexibility to best serve the client and provides tremendous personal and professional growth.


Core Values

Client Service


Open and Honest Communication



Inside Red Moon you will find a family-oriented culture.

Bringing Value IS Top Priority

Red Moon approaches every opportunity by asking the question "What can we do to add more value?" The client’s best interests are always top of mind and in this world of diminishing budgets and continued pressure for increased performance, Red Moon is at the top of the game in adding more value.


Resourceful | Committed | Experienced | Family Culture

  • Jim Bailey

    President / Chief Executive Officer

  • Eddie Burklin

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jimmy Harte

    Executive Vice President

  • Glenn Wilga

    Vice President

  • Amanda Maness

    Vice President

  • Mike Adams

    Vice President

  • Patrick Rineman

    Vice President

  • Chase Gregory

    Sr. Account Director

  • Jay Martin

    Managing Director / Strategic Planning 

  • Caitie Bailey

    Graphic Design / Social Media Manager

  • Matt Newell

    Sr. Account Director

  • Krista McVerry

    Sr. Account Director

  • Luke Stankiewicz

    Sr. Account Director

  • Kelley Flynn

    Sr. Account Executive

  • Joe Wielgosz

    Sr. Account Executive

  • Trae Alexander

    Account Supervisor

  • Gregg Boyer

    Director of Digital Marketing

  • Will Burch

    Account Executive

  • Chad Crainer

    Account Executive

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