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Metrotech Automotive partnered with Red Moon Marketing to sponsor a NASCAR car driven by Kyle Larson, who took first place in the Coca-Cola 600, elevating the 1st Place Finish brand. Red Moon also supported the production of commercials featuring Larson and his car, which were popular on social media and drove traffic to Metrotech's new website, designed and developed by Red Moon. These efforts resulted in a successful year for Metrotech, increasing brand awareness and reaching a wider audience. Red Moon's support played a vital role in helping Metrotech activate its sponsorships and grow its business.

MetroTech Automotive

A First-Place Finish

MetroTech Automotive launches successful NASCAR sponsorship with Red Moon Marketing and dominates at the Coca-Cola 600


To increase brand awareness and engagement through the execute of a comprehensive omni-channel marketing strategy.

The Results

Red Moon played a crucial role in Metrotech Automotive's successful partnership with NASCAR, which led to outstanding marketing outcomes, such as millions of impressions, an 80% year-over-year increase in website traffic, and helped their new social media channels. This collaboration effectively enhanced brand recognition, drew new customers to the dealership services, and exemplified the potential of strategic marketing partnerships.

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