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Red Moon embarked on a tour across the Southeast United States to provide a memorable experience for college communities and promote Coca-Cola's brand awareness. For over six years, Red Moon has organized Hug Me tours at more than 17 colleges and universities. Through these events, we have been able to distribute Coca-Cola samples to students, families, and athletes. The primary aim of these tours has been to connect with the universities and communities, increase the reach of Coca-Cola's brand, and offer an affectionate Coca-Cola experience.

Coca-Cola Consolidated

Hug Me Tour

Creating a Huggable Experience


To expand the reach and audience penetration across universities in the Southeast United States. To achieve this goal, Red Moon Marketing created, implemented, and oversaw Hug Me sampling activations that aimed to promote Coca-Cola products.

The Results

Red Moon conducted Hug Me vending machines and executed an activation plan to promote the Coca-Cola brand, which led to the successful implementation of many immersive Hug Me experiences. The tour involved Red Moon ambassadors engaging with university students in the south-eastern United States.

The Hug Me experience was well-received by students, faculty, and fans, and created a lasting impression on all those who participated. The tour provided an opportunity for students to engage with the Coca-Cola brand in a fun and interactive way, which helped to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Red Moon's efforts not only resulted in a successful activation plan but also helped to build stronger relationships between Coca-Cola and universities across the south-eastern United States. Overall, the Hug Me Tour was a successful and memorable experience that left a positive impact on all those involved.

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